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Are you sleeping with the enemy?


Did you know that approximately eight out of ten Asthmatics are allergic to dust mites? they are so small that nearly 1000 of them can fit on a pin head, here are a few facts.

  1. A dust mite produces 200 times its body weight in excrement during its life.
  2. Ten percent of you pillow is made up of dead skin and dust mites.
  3. The dust mites favorite breeding and living space is the mattress, dust mites like a moist, dark environment, especially when a good food supply is available (dead skin)
  4. This tiny trouble maker will arrive on anything he can, material, hair, feathers, soft toys, just as long as he can arrive safely on your mattress.

Mattress steam cleaning services eliminate mold and all kinds of microorganisms. The process is fast and efficient, leaving your mattress cleaner than ever before. Cleaning mattress stains is a snap when left to the professional mattress cleaners at Mattress Cleaning NYC. We provide a thorough mattress stain removal and take care of each side of your bed to achieve a completely clean outcome.

Most individuals do not give very much consideration to mattress steam cleaning, but if you consider the layers of dirt, dead skin cells, and debris that lurk within your linens, you would call for an immediate consultation with our experienced staff. Cleaning mattresses is a highly personal service that we treat seriously and with the utmost professional care and expertise.

Is Your Health Being Affected?

The longer you own a mattress, the more dead skin cells, body fluids, and other particulates it collects. Even the materials in the mattress itself begin to break down. When you lie down to sleep, and toss and turn in the night, you’re stirring up these foreign bodies and end up breathing some of them in.

Maybe you wake up with itchy eyes, a sore throat, or have developed asthma or other health problems. A thorough mattress cleaning will eliminate these threats to your health and well-being.

Take a Quick Look at Your Mattress

Remove the sheets, throw back the pads, and what do you see? Stains. From you, your kids, the pets, food and drink, and so much more. Mattress urine stain removal is one of the most common calls for a mattress cleaner.

But anytime you require professional mattress stain removal, Mattress Cleaning NYC is the only company you need in NYC. We work with:

  1. Futon mattress
  2. Foam mattress
  3. Pillow top mattress
  4. And all regular mattresses

The Time You Spend on Your Mattress

We average eight hours of sleep per day. That’s one-third of your life that you spend on your mattress. Then what about those hours in which you’re relaxing, watching TV at night or on a nice, cool, rainy Saturday morning?

You spend more time on your mattress than anywhere else in the world. Make sure that it’s clean and healthy.